Yoga Lessons in Brixton London and Wiltshire

Yoga Teacher

Joy started her career as an aerobics teacher and fitness coach, but like many others in the fitness profession, she fell prey to injury and learned Scaravelli yoga as part of her rehabilitation.  Joy subsequently trained to teach yoga and has taught classes for over 20 years for numerous organisations and institutions.


Joy also offers a number of treatments in massage and cutting edge therapies such as cold laser and InterX  therapy, and will often combine her treatments with yoga for the ultimate deep healing experience.  Joy is able to work on many levels both as a therapist and a highly accomplished yoga teacher.  Using her unique combination of skills Joy is able to offer her clients a very personal, integrated and seamless healing journey.


She hopes to soon be launching her first book ‘The Yoga for Back Pain Toolkit’ which teaches the exact same system she followed to recover herself from a major back injury.  It’s her determination, vibrancy and love of life is what makes her classes and treatments unique.

Special Needs

Joy also worked with stroke victims, visually impaired, hearing impaired and those whose English is their second language.


Joy moved to Wiltshire in 2013 to care for her mum which is why the website is divided into locations.  When she's not caring, she divides her time between London Wiltshire and Greece.