Yoga Workshops

Vinyasa Flow with a Scaravelli Twist

These workshops are suitable for all levels.  Joy seamlessly fuses 2 different styles of yoga making it her own unique blend.

Vinyasa yoga is a dynamic style of yoga.  It flows from one posture to another and builds up a heat in the body.  Scaravelli inspired yoga focuses on the feet, grounding and the ‘wave of the breath.'  It is generally a slower, more detailed practice than than the flow but the 2 styles complement each other nicely making it an accessible to a number of different levels.

‘Joy is able to teach a challenging class while at the same time keeping it appropriate for beginners. Her classes are a mixture of serious focus and humour’ 

Dr Dave Shrock
Prof of Health and Physical Education, Modesto Junior College, California.

Classes take place at Yogapoint, 122 Dalberg Road London, SW2 1AP

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